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What I Offer


Self-Discovery Coaching Session

During this two-hour, one-on-one Coaching Session, hosted via Zoom, Charles will guide you on a journey of self-discovery where you will be taking a deeper look inside to discover the hidden obstacles obstructing your path to empowerment and success personally and relationally. 


Relational Awareness Workshop

Inside this workshop, you will gain a life-changing set of relational tools that will increase your awareness of your behaviors and impulses. You will learn invaluable communication skills to improve your ability to listen more effectively and share your feelings and experiences authentically without being combative. Improving the quality of your relationships by increasing your capacity for intimacy. In addition to improving your relationships with others, you will build the foundation for all healthy relationships which is an extraordinary connection with your higher self, enabling you to reclaim your relational intuition unlocking self-trust.


Shadow Discovery Process

During this 8-week journey, you will be expertly guided to uncover parts of yourself that have been repressed or hidden - deepening your self-awareness and getting to the root of behaviors and attitudes that are interfering/sabotaging your relational success. Find out why you do what you do - when you do what you do and gain the power of choice to move beyond patterns that no longer serve you.

You will gain access to tools opening new levels of authenticity, self-esteem, and skills to deepen your connections to others. This will empower you to up-level your relationships. The coaching you will receive is supportive and actionable.


Relational Mastery Workshop for Couples

Inside this workshop, you will learn the building blocks of true intimacy, and how to create a vision for your relationship together. You will learn how to work as two individuals working together as one. You will discover how to navigate getting your needs met in healthy ways. You will discover how to deal with triggers effectively as you seem them for the gift that they – indications of that which is unhealed. Love and intimacy shine a light on everything that is unresolved. When we embrace relational challenges to learn and grow from, they become golden opportunities to recover instead of hated inconveniences to endure. That concept alone is enough to create tremendous healing in a relationship. The coaching and support you will receive is empowering. The tools and information provided are relevant and actionable. Couples consistently experience tangible results over time. That is guaranteed IF you are willing to do the work.

The Relational Mastery Workshop for Couples will lead you out of the toxic cycle of blaming, judging, fixing and changing by insisting on providing unsolicited advice. Guiding you to create a nurturing, healthy relationship and family that thrives.   

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